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BRS4032 fast response rotary solenoid closeup

New Geeplus Rotary Solenoid Provides Fast Response WITH Thermal Management

Beckenham, UK – Providing response times as low as 10ms, the new BRS4032G bistable rotary solenoid from Geeplus also has exceptionally high life expectancy. Perfectly suited to applications and equipment where meticulous separation is required, such as……Read More

Low Outgassing Solenoids from Geeplus

Geeplus Announces Low Outgassing Solenoids for Use in Space

Beckenham, UK – Geeplus, already supplying solenoids and small actuators used in several space-related projects, is extending their range of products now classed as low outgassing solenoids, by NASA standards……. Read More

Geeplus at Medica 2023

Medica 2023: New Geeplus Products and New Catalogue on Display at Stand 11E10

Düsseldorf, Germany – Geeplus world-class actuation devices (most commonly voice coil actuators and proportional solenoids) can be found in daily use in advanced medical equipment throughout the world. Between November 13-16 in Dusseldorf, most of these will be on display at Medica 2023 at Stand 11E10…… Read More

DSM28 High Accuracy Stepping Motor

New Lead Screw Stepping Motor From Geeplus Achieves 0.5 Micron Pitch

Beckenham, UK – Able to achieve a pitch as small as 0.5 microns, the new DSM28 lead screw stepping motor from Geeplus is perfectly suited to applications requiring high levels of accuracy over extremely small distances – such as syringe pumps or optical equipment requiring small, but precise actuation…. Read More

Stepping Motor PM20 from Geeplus

New Lead Screw Stepping Motor from Geeplus Provides Accurate Control

Beckenham, UK – Offering 10mm of precise movement as standard, a compact new lead screw stepping motor from Geeplus is perfectly suited to applications requiring accurate pumping mechanisms, such as those used in dosing or analysis…. Read More

Moulding Machine by Geeplus for solenoids and actuators

New Moulding Machine at Geeplus Provides Perfect Seal

Beckenham, UK – Always working to enhance quality and reliability, Geeplus has invested in an injection moulding machine to ensure that the joint between the case and the cover on their world-class voice coil motors has a perfect seal… Read More

4-pole Voice coil actuator from Geeplus

New 4-Pole Voice Coil Actuator from Geeplus Supplies High Force Response

Beckenham, UK – With the new 4-pole voice coil actuator from Geeplus, both the speed and the precision required to create complex curvatures and optical finishes on both lenses and mirrors, is now easily achievable… Read More

Geeplus 50A PHu Pick and Hold Unit

Two New PHu Models from Geeplus Allow Customers to Maximize Solenoid Performance

Beckenham, UK – Invaluable as a development tool, two new PHu modules, the 50 and 150, have been added to the Geeplus range. Operating with supply voltage from 8vDC to 50vDC, this user-friendly interface enables the designer to… Read More

Geeplus Medica 2022

Geeplus Making Good Vibrations at Medica 2022: Stand 11/E10

Beckenham, UK – Geeplus will be exhibiting at Medica 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany for the first time this November. Visitors can find the world’s leading supplier of actuators in medical ventilator applications at stand 11E10… Read More

Geeplus VM75P2 voice coil motor

Geeplus Introduces Bigger, More Powerful Voice Coil Motor

Beckenham, UK – In response to customer applications requiring even higher controllable force, Geeplus has developed an even bigger voice coil motor. The new VM75P2, like its predecessors, uses a highly optimised magnet assembly to produce ..Read More

Solar Renewable Energy Geeplus

Geeplus Makes Switch to Renewable Energy

Beckenham, UK – Geeplus has considerably reduced both energy costs and carbon footprint by switching to a renewable and sustainable energy source. Solar panels, which now cover the roof of our UK manufacturing and distribution center in Beckenham, UK...Read More

VMXY80 multi-axis Voice Coil Actuator from Geeplus

New Voice Coil Actuator from Geeplus Provides Multi-axis Motion 

Beckenham, UK – Geeplus has added a new, multi-axis voice coil actuator to its menu of world class actuation devices. Although designed for a specific purpose – namely steering laser and light beams – the new VMXY80 voice coil actuator could have additional applications in industrial, military, or special effects lighting...Read More

Coil winding machine at Geeplus

New Coil Winding Machine at Geeplus Maintains Highest Quality

Beckenham, UK – In order to both maintain the supply chain and uphold quality control, Geeplus has invested in new multi-headed coil winding machine.The new equipment gives Geeplus complete control of the many different types and sizes of coil required for use in their growing range of products, including their world class voice coil motors....Read More

Geeplus incorporates new Vapour degreaser

Geeplus Installs Low-Emission Solvent Degreaser for Spotless Finish 

Beckenham, UK – Because the slightest speck of contaminant of any kind can completely alter the intended function of high-precision components, Geeplus has installed a new low emission solvent degreaser at their London manufacturing facility...Read More

Geeplus Measurement System

Geeplus Invests in High-Accuracy Measurement System

Beckenham, UK – Due to the increased demand for Geeplus products for use in medical equipment applications during the Pandemic, Geeplus has been looking for ways to increase the speed of measurements without compromising quality assurance…Read More

24A Pick and Hold unit from Geeplus

New Bipolar Pick and Hold Device from Geeplus Switches up to 24A

Beckenham, UK – Responding to requests from customers who want to test their solenoids with current of either polarity, Geeplus has introduced a new Pick and Hold unit (PHu) that will switch up to 24A.....Read More

Moulding Machine from Geeplus

New Moulding Machine Boosts Efficiency and Accuracy at Geeplus

Beckenham, UKAware that maintaining the supply chain is essential to customers’ ability to keep their manufacturing processes running smoothly (particularly in the medical equipment sector), Geeplus has invested in brand new advanced moulding equipment as part of....Read More

IPC Soldering Certification

Geeplus Achieves IPC Certification for Soldering Processes

Beckenham, UK –As part of our continuing commitment to training, product improvement and manufacturing reliability, Geeplus has now achieved IPC A-620 status relating to soldering standards….Read More

Geeplus Expanded Manufacturing Facility

Geeplus Expands Manufacturing Facility; Doubles Size, TRIPLES Production Capacity

Beckenham, UKIn order to maintain global supplies of their highly sought after electro-mechanical products used in the manufacture of medical equipment, Geeplus has doubled the size of their UK manufacturing facility in London.
The Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented…Read More 

Test Rig from Geeplus

New Test Rig From Geeplus Makes Data Capture Easier than Ever

Beckenham, UK – Geeplus has developed a new desktop Test Rig designed to provide valuable information on a wide range of electromechanical products with the simple click of a button…..Read More 


Geeplus Joins the Fight Against Deadly Coronovirus

Beckenham, UK – As Chinese authorities and the World health Organization (WHO) continue to battle the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, Geeplus production personnel have been approved to.…..Read More 

Smallest baby released healthy

Geeplus Actuators Used in Machine That Saves World’s Smallest Baby Boy in Japan

Tokyo, Japan – When a Japanese baby was recently released from Keio University in Tokyo, he became the smallest baby boy in the world to ever be sent home healthy.…..Read More 

Geared Roller Pump PT-10

Innovative New Pump From Geeplus Uses Geared Roller for Improved Operation 

By implementing a geared roller pump head design in their new PT-10 Pump, Geeplus has effectively reduced the speed and increased the torque of the roller assembly as it moves liquid through the pump tubing….Read More 

Geeplus Actuators in Medical Technology


Visitors to Hall 8, Stand D6 at Compamed this year will find a number of new products on show from Geeplus. As a regular visitor for many years, Geeplus continue to listen to the needs and wishes of customers…..Read More 

Wind turbines for renewable electricity

Geeplus Implements 100% Renewable Electricity

Recognizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions in 2019, Geeplus Europe has made the transition to using 100% renewable electricity at the company’s home base and manufacturing hub in the United Kingdom……Read More 

Leadscrew Actuator

New Leadscrew Actuator Range Exemplifies Efficiency

Finding applications in a wide range of industries, the new and versatile leadscrew actuator range from Geeplus is particularly well-suited for position adjustment of hospital beds and furniture, machine tool actuation, valve actuation, and others…..Read More 

Pinch valves from Geeplus

New Geeplus Pinch Valves Suit Wide Range of Applications

In response to the growing demand for small size low power control components, the new range of pinch valves will suit a wide number of applications required in the control of water, air and other non-aggressive fluids across a wide range of industries…..Read More 

Geeplus solenoid approved in avaiation

Geeplus Push/Pull Solenoids Approved for Aviation Use

Having met the demands of aerospace qualification Part 21, Geeplus M401 push/pull solenoids are now being used by a leading commercial air frame manufacturer as part of a door control system….Read More 

Open Frame Solenoids Geeplus

Added Manufacturing Sites Speed Up Delivery Times for Geeplus Open Frame Solenoids

Now being manufactured in three different production facilities to increase availability, the Geeplus range of open frame solenoids are now available with a four week delivery time for specific models….Read More

Proportional rotary solenoid from Geeplus

New Solenoid from Geeplus Offers Semi-Proportional Control at a Fraction of the Price

Geeplus Europe has taken an innovative approach to an old established product and created a cost effective alternative to many other proportional control solutions…Read More

Geeplus Bistable Rotary Solenoid BRS6045

New Bistable Rotary Solenoid From Geeplus Offers New Levels of Power and Torque While Retaining Efficiency

The innovative BRS6045G—the latest Bistable Rotary Solenoid from Geeplus—sets a new benchmark for power, performance and energy efficiency. Because Bistable Rotary Solenoids require NO power to hold in either end position and…Read More

Bistable rotary solenoid fast response time

Fast-Response Rotary Solenoid Redefines Dependability; Life Cycle Exceeds 10M Cycles

The new BRS4036G‐10 bistable rotary solenoid from Geeplus offers exceptional life expectancy and lightning quick response times as low as 10ms. This advanced rotary solenoid is perfectly suited to…Read More

Geepluis Brushless DC Motor

New Brushless DC Motors from Geeplus are Perfect Stepper Motor Replacements

A new range of four dc brushless motors from Geeplus provide a direct replacement for 42mm NEMA size 17 devices which have similar applications. Although physically compatible with a stepping motor of the same size, the Geeplus alternative provides higher speed and higher reliability…Read More

Geeplus pick and hold control circuit

Geeplus Adapts Pick and Hold Unit for Wire Bonding Tests

Although initially designed to assist the user in optimising excitation conditions for a solenoid device, Geeplus have designed a new software package and enclosure for their Pick and Hold unit in order to provide highly accurate and repeatable heating for use in coil winding and related manufacturing techniques…Read More

BRS1212 solenoid locking mechanism

The Versatile BRS1212 From Geeplus: Tiny but NOT Delicate

Small enough to fit inside the barrel of a standard Euro lock, the BRS1212 solenoid from Geeplus is not susceptible to force, making it ideal for security applications. In battery operated situations, the BRS1212 excels due to its…Read More

Various Solenoids, voice coils and other Actuators

Geeplus Launches Compatible Components Selector Service

Aware that changes in business trends which result in lost sources for solenoids can cause major problems for both designers and manufacturing companies, leading solenoid manufacturer Geeplus International now offers…Read More

tough tiny solenoid as small as a grain of rice

Geeplus Launches a Tiny, Resilient and Competitive Solenoid

An ultra‐small latching solenoid from Geeplus has no respect for size. Although it only measures 12x8x7mm at its widest points, their new S1L‐0211 provides more than 2N of holding force. Geeplus says that this, the smallest solenoid they manufacture, is normally used in…Read More

High Voltage Pick and Hold Circuit

New High Voltage Pick and Hold Test Device From Geeplus Switches up to 25A

Responding to customers who want to test their solenoids at higher voltages than were previously available, Geeplus have introduced a new Pick and Hold module which will switch up to 25A with a peak current of >4kW. Now capable of operating up to…Read More

Vibro2 Haptic Actuator from Geeplus

Geeplus Responds to Customer Requests for Circular Movement

Following the successful launch of their VIBRO 1 linear actuator at Compamed, Geeplus have responded to customer interest for an actuator which provides a circular movement with the VIBRO 2. By combining a pair of their…Read More

Stepper Motors with lead screws from Geeplus

Geeplus Adds Direct Mounted Lead Screws to Stepper Motors

For applications requiring longer drives or a different pitch, Geeplus are now supplying some of their stepping motor range with direct mounted lead screws. Having adapted components for specific purposes in the past, especially in their…Read More

VM6340 Voice Coil Actuators from Geeplus

Major Voice Coil Enhancements: Covers and Flexi-Circuits Added to Geeplus Voice Coil Motors

Making their voice coil motors even more robust and reliable, Geeplus has added the option of specifying dust covers and flexi‐circuits as standard on their VM6340L models. The flexi‐circuits provide a simple and reliable electrical connection, which in turn has a consistent influence on…Read More

Voice Coil Motor VM1614 from Geeplus

Geeplus Adds Overmoulding to World Class Coice Coil Motors

In addition to winding their own coils, Geeplus are now able to overmould the coils used in their voice coil motors. Being an in-house facility, Geeplus can now offer even greater levels of quality control. One of the first standard products to benefit from this improvement is the…Read More

Voice Coil Motors

New Bearing Race Design Launches Geeplus Voice Coil Motor Life Cycle to More Than 100 Million Cycles

In order to provide even smoother and considerably longer operation of their VM38 voice coil motor, Geeplus has developed a new version which incorporates redesigned bearing races in order to provide the shaft with a virtually friction free movement…Read More

Super Stroke Solenoid from Geeplus Reduced noise

New Design in Innovative Super Stroke Solenoid Now Reduces Noise

In addition to doubling the useful stroke of a standard solenoid, Geeplus has now developed a Super Stroke Solenoid suitable for applications where noise is an issue. There are certain situations, such as those encountered when…Read More

Vibrating Haptic Actuators by Geeplus

Vibrating Actuator From Geeplus Now Scaleable

Geeplus has taken the VIBRO1 actuator to a new stage of development by revising the housing and making it scaleable, offering new opportunities to designers who require a variety of sizes to suit the application…Read More

BRS1212 bistable rotary solenoid blue

New Design for Small Versatile Solenoid Provides Savings up to 50%

Responding to market demands for miniature components with prices to match, Geeplus has altered the manufacturing process of their popular 12mm bistable rotary solenoid in order to provide savings of up to 50% for volume applications…Read More

Super Stroke solenoid from Geeplus

New Super Stroke Solenoid From Geeplus Changes the Game

Doubling the useful stroke of a standard solenoid, Geeplus have developed a super stroke solenoid with applications in gas or fluid control systems or as an aid to tension control in filament or web handling machinery. The result of a special implementation of their tubular solenoid design, Geeplus has modified the…Read More

Geeplus Pick and Hold Control Circuit

Geeplus Pick and Hold Device Helps Users Optimize Solenoids

Not only does the new PHu-ANA module from Geeplus help the user to optimise excitation conditions for a solenoid device, in situations where large numbers of solenoids are being tested, cost savings in terms of labour, equipment and energy can be achieved by fulfilling the functions of a PWM current regulator and oscilloscope. By determining…Read More

Geeplus Vibrating Actuators

Geeplus VIBRO1 Haptic Actuator: Shakin’ All Over

Designed to provide the sensitive control of linear vibration in delicate laboratory mixing or separating applications, the new VIBRO1 from Geeplus incorporates their HAP56 actuator in an easily mounted cast body with steel flexures for support…Read More

Geeplus PHu24 Pick and Hold Unit

Geeplus Pick and Hold Module Saves Development Time

A new ‘pick and hold’ circuit module has been designed by Geeplus to determine appropriate supply voltage, device, and current parameters for many applications, and particularly in designs where solenoid devices are used…Read More

Voice Coil Motors with Flexible Circuit from Geeplus

Geeplus Adds Flexible Circuits to Three More Voice Coil Motors

Due to the successful introduction of a flexible circuit and cover on their VM2836 and VM5050 voice coil motors, Geeplus has now extended these same benefits to three other models…Read More

Geeplus small rotary actuator

Geeplus Launches Miniature Rotary Actuator Range

A range of small rotary actuators designed to suit the actuation of small shutter mechanisms has been launched by Geeplus. Perfect for the control of small shutter mechanisms where the mass of moving elements is small…Read More

Electromagnets from Geeplus

Geeplus Provides Solution to Weakened Electromagnets

Electromagnets used as safety or security devices in fire doors, material handling, cash drawers, key control systems or trolley cabinets for example, have always been considered ‘fit and forget’ devices that will always activate when required. However, recent tests…Read More

Push Pull solenoids by Geeplus

Miniature Push/Pull Solenoids From Geeplus Offer High Force Using Low Power

Ideally suited to remote or renewable energy applications where rechargeable or standard batteries or capacitors are used, the new Geeplus range of small Push-Pull solenoids provides a robust solution for a number of applications requiring…Read More

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