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New Lead Screw Stepping Motor from Geeplus Achieves 0.5 Micron Pitch

DSM28 High Accuracy Stepping MotorAble to achieve a pitch as small as 0.5 microns, the new DSM28 lead screw stepping motor from Geeplus is perfectly suited to applications requiring high levels of accuracy over extremely small distances – such as syringe pumps or optical equipment requiring small, but precise actuation.

Being shown for the first time at Medica (Stand 11E10), the DSM28, in its standard form, achieves 2.5 microns of movement with a full step and 1.5 microns with a half step but other parameters can be achieved with customization.

The hybrid motor uses ball bearings around the shaft of the lead screw to achieve ultra smooth transition and accuracy of positioning is verified by an encoder.

Visit Geeplus at Stand 11E10 at this year’s Medica show in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 13-16!

Medica 2023 Geeplus

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