Electromagnets develop high attraction to flat magnetic materials

Electromagnets: General Technical Overview

Electromagnets from GeeplusElectromagnets

Geeplus supplies both pure steel (magnetic attraction when energized) and permanent magnet (electrical release) versions of electromagnets. We also offer an optional spring loaded ejector pin to overcome residual magnetism, as well as optional armature plates as a magnetic counterpart for optimum performance.

Most common electromagnets need to be energized to develop force. Applications include door latching and holdback devices, holding of ferromagnetic workpieces during machining or assembly, safety mechanisms, selector devices in textiles machinery and more.

Because the field sharply drops with the distance of the counterpart, the flatness of the surface and a very thin plating become important features. This is also true for the optional armature plates.

Geeplus electromagnetsOptions for Geeplus Electromagnets:

Ejector Pin: Pre-loaded spring pin to overcome residual magnetism, reduces the holding force by about 10%
 Armature Plate (ferromagnetic, nickel plated) as magnetic counterpart to the electromagnets
 Custom Winding
 Permanent Magnet (electrical release) 

ModelImagePowerHolding Force
@ 20 C°
Holding Force,
DimensionsWeightArmature plate
Data Sheet3D Drawing
WNND x H (mm)g.PDF.IGS
EM0025Geeplus Electromagnet EME0025 3.015014025 x 2060AP27pdf logo3D logo
EM0032Geeplus Electromagnet EME00324.028025032 x 2090AP34pdf logo3D logo
EM0040Geeplus Electromagnet EME00405.550045040 x 27200AP42pdf logo3D logo
EM0050Geeplus Electromagnet EME00506.075066050 x 30400AP52pdf logo3D logo
EM0080Geeplus Electromagnet EME008012.52100180080 x 401450AP82pdf logo3D logo

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