Proportional Solenoids

Proportional solenoids are advanced linear actuators that develop a force proportional to the current applied

Proportional Solenoid Technical Information

Geeplus Proportional SolenoidsProportional Solenoids

Proportional Solenoids are linear solenoids that exhibit a force proportional to the current, in a limited range. With the addition of a return spring in an application, the proportional solenoid can become a positioning device, where the position is proportional to the excitation current.

Proportional Solenoids have two ranges of stroke: The control stroke (where the plunger position is dependent on the applied current) and the approach stroke (where force is dependent on stroke position). Most applications use only the control stroke.

Proportional solenoids are used for force, tension, position or flow control. The Super Stroke Solenoid can be used to implement approximate proportional control over longer displacements. You can learn more in this brief video on the Super Stroke Solenoid.

Geeplus Proportional Solenoid coil greyProportional solenoids are often used in Hydraulic control systems, tension control, textile systems, force control in robotic systems, and valve applications, to name a few.

Vital Characteristics of Geeplus Proportional Solenoids:

Stroke up to 7mm (control stroke plus approach stroke)
 Force up to 80N
 High life expectancy
 Very robust design
 Dynamic response
 High energy density
 Position control using external spring

Geeplus Proportional Solenoid part number chart

ModelRated VoltageNominal PowerForceCentral StrokeData Sheet
PS26C152.060.4pdf logo
PS30C-0102245.1171pdf logo
PS35SX247.9352pdf logo
PS45S-03052411.8523pdf logo
PS48S-02072412.8742pdf logo
PS50C-02072412.8802pdf logo

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