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Geeplus Announces World’s Smallest Bistable Rotary Solenoid

World's smallest bistable rotary solenoid from GeeplusBeckenham, United Kingdom – Claimed to be the world’s smallest bistable rotary solenoid, Geeplus have launched the tiny BRS1020 which measures a miniscule 2cms long and just 1cm in diameter.

Designed for the operation of optical shutters or very light, frictionless loads, the BRS1020 has a surprisingly fast operating speed of less than 4ms with a 10 degree operating angle.

UPDATE: Geeplus now offers an even smaller Bistable Rotary Solenoid, the BRS0710 bistable rotary solenoid!

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.


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