Latching Solenoids

Latching solenoids come equipped with a permanent magnet, exhibiting magnetic attraction between the plunger and pole piece with no electrical power applied.

Latching Solenoid Technical Info

Latching Solenoids by Geeplus

Latching Solenoids

Latching solenoids are well suited to applications where the “moving” time is very short compared to holding time in the closed position. Latching solenoids are also ideal in applications where either the open position or the closed (pulled in) position must be held for prolonged periods of time.

Latching Solenoids are extremely well suited to locking mechanisms. They can be driven in either direction and can hold in either end position with no power applied. A short power pulse is all that’s needed to stimulate movement.

NOTE: Because each application is different, requiring varying levels of resistance, a spring is not included with these parts. Our engineers recommend a simple spring kit to choose the correct spring for each application. We can include them in volume if we have the specifications.

tough tiny solenoid as small as a grain of riceCharacteristics and Benefits of Latching Solenoids:

Zero power consumption
 Power dissipation (heat) is zero in holding position
 No radiated electrical noise
 End position can be held without power
 Holding force up to 36N (in end position, no current)
 Stroke up to 15mm (depending on type)
 Bistable versions (dual coil) available
 Special version available for higher actuation force (lower holding force)
 Life expectancy up to >5 million cycles
 Miniature versions: From 4 x 8 x 15mm (custom designs even smaller)
 Numerous mechanical options

Geeplus Latching Solenoid part number chart

ModelResistanceVoltagesWattageRelease CurrentB x H x LData Sheet3D Drawing
S1L-02112442.710712 x 7 x 6pdf logo3D logo
SH1LF-05244.3-68.66/12/248.4360-10024 x 10 x 12pdf logo
SH1LC-05244.3-68.66/12/248.4360-10024 x 10 x 12pdf logo
SH1LF-07303.8-60.06/12/249.6650-16030 x 16 x 15pdf logo
SH1LC-07303.8-60.06/12/249.6650-16030 x 16 x 15pdf logo
17.61060-26040 x 23 x 26.5pdf logo
17.61060-26040 x 23 x 26.5pdf logo
SH1LF-12402.0-31.36/12/2418.41620-40040 x 25 x 29.5pdf logo
SH1LC-12402.0-31.36/12/2418.41620-40040 x 25 x 29.5pdf logo
SH2LC-05246/12/24pdf logo
SH2LC-07306/12/24pdf logo
SH2LC-11406/12/24pdf logo
T1L-042036-576.06/12/241170-4020 x 13 x 10.5pdf logo
T1L-042112.9-205.76/12/242.8465-11720.5 x 11 x 8.5
pdf logo
T1L-042212.8-205.06/12/242.8469-11722 x 8.5 x 11
pdf logo
T1L-06256.8-108.06/12/245.3880-22025 x 13 x 15pdf logo
T1L-07307.5-120.06/12/244.8800-20030 x 14 x 16pdf logo
T1L-074218-288.06/12/242333-8342 x 16 x 20pdf logo
122000-50036.8 x 20 x 26pdf logo
40 x 24 x 29pdf logo
3.6-57.66/12/24101670-42053 x 27 x 30pdf logo

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