Pinch Valves

Geeplus Pinch Valves are precise solenoid-driven devices that facilitate the flow of liquid through a tube

Pinch Valve Technical Overview

Pinch Valves

Pinch valves from Geeplus

Pinch valves are used to facilitate the flow of liquid through a tube by opening and closing the flow, without any contact between the liquid and the valve itself. The tube is pinched between a fixed and a moving bar (pinch elements); as these are closed together the tube is pinched closed and the flow is shut off.

The Geeplus range of pinch valves suit a wide variety of applications calling for control of water, air and other non-aggressive fluids across a wide range of industries.

A development of Geeplus’ widely used general purpose solenoid valves, the pinch valves are robust in manufacture and thoroughly reliable in operation. Geeplus is also known as the world’s leading supplier of actuators in medical ventilators.

Typically used with silicon tubing as the carrying device, the pinching is achieved by energizing the solenoid. This cuts off the media in the tube by pinching or releasing the tubing. The fluid can flow in either direction. (Continues below)

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Pinch Valve with SolenoidThe pinch valves can control any and all fluids that are compatible with the tubing material, while protecting them from all contamination — this included temperature, which is of particular importance when used in medical applications. The accuracy of operation with these pinch valves also make them suitable for dosing.

Offering twin tube operation, the Geeplus pinch valve provides normally open/normally closed functions and measures 72.5mm in length and 24mm in diameter. The standard fixing plate is drilled to 30mm centres. Learn more about these functions in the General Technical Overview of our solenoid-driven pinch valves.

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