Linear Solenoids

Geeplus offers a wide range of high-performance linear solenoids, easily customized as needed by our talented team of engineers

Selecting a Linear Solenoid

Linear Solenoids

Linear Solenoids

Geeplus linear solenoids are “high performance” products designed for industrial applications. If you can’t find the right product for your application within our standard linear solenoid selection, we can either adapt existing designs with respect to electrical or mechanical properties or develop completely new solenoids for your particular application.

Linear Solenoid Product Groups

Push-Pull Solenoids: Robust on/off type linear solenoids; optimized for high holding force
Tubular Solenoids: Robust on/off type linear solenoids; optimized for long stroke
Open Frame Solenoids: On/off type linear solenoids in cost-effective open frame
Proportional Solenoids: Linear solenoids controllable in force for limited strokes
Super Stroke Solenoids: Unique linear solenoid offering a long stroke with cost-effective semi-proportional control.
Latching Solenoids: Linear bistable solenoids with 2 positions in cost-effective open frame version

Linear Solenoid Quick Guide

Open Frame SolenoidTubular SolenoidPush/Pull SolenoidProportional SolenoidLatching Solenoid
Life ExpectancyUp to 5M CyclesUp to 30M CyclesUp to 50M CyclesUp to 300M Cycles*Up to 5M Cycles
SpeedFrom about 10msFrom about 5msFrom about 2msFrom about 5msFrom about 10ms
CostLowLow to MediumMediumHighLow to Medium

Linear Actuator Selection Guide

Using the following parameters (required stroke, life expectancy, controllability, speed and cost) you can greatly narrow down your search for a linear actuator. Still have questions? Contact one of our professionals and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Linear Solenoid Selection Guide Graphic from Geeplus

Geeplus PHu24 Pick and Hold Unit

Pick & Hold Circuit

For all of these linear solenoids, a Pick & Hold Circuit may be a helpful additional component. Pick & Hold circuits supply a higher peak current – and therefore force – for a limited time. In some applications this allows for a smaller actuator to be used, which may help to overcome size and weight constraints.

Not only does the Pick & Hold unit help the user to optimize excitation conditions for a solenoid device, in situations where large numbers of solenoids are being tested, cost savings in terms of labor, equipment and energy can be achieved by fulfilling the functions of a PWM current regulator and oscilloscope.

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