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New Moulding Machine at Geeplus Provides Perfect Seal

Moulding Machine by Geeplus for solenoids and actuatorsBeckenham, UKAlways working to enhance quality and reliability, Geeplus has invested in an injection moulding machine to ensure that the joint between the case and the cover on their world-class voice coil motors has a perfect seal.

The use of adhesive on these  high-precision devices can leave minute gaps, undetectable to the naked eye. Any ingression through these gaps, either by airborne particles or moisture, can lead to component failure.

The injection moulding system employed by Geeplus provides a perfect seal every time.

The use of servo-electric rotary tables means that the machine technology can be customised to suit specific requirements, enabling Geeplus to create stock and meet tight deadlines without having to wait for external supplies.

The new machinery was selected for its energy-saving operation which uses reliable, efficient plastics and recyclable processing systems in keeping with the Geeplus philosophy of achieving a zero carbon footprint.

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


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