Voice Coil Motors

Voice Coil Motors are advanced moving-coil actuators that provide outstanding controllability, exceptional efficiency and a long life cycle, all with very low hysteresis.

Selecting a Voice Coil Motor

Voice Coil Motors

Geeplus Voice Coil Motor Coil Calculator

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The VM series of Voice Coils Motors from Geeplus addresses applications where excellent control for short stroke, bidirectional linear actuation is required–in medical or optical equipment, for example.

Engineers can use our handy Coil Calculator tool to compare performance and get a “ballpark” idea of which product will work best within a particular application. It may also be a good idea to check out our technical document on Voice Coil Motor Parameters to help you understand these high-precision parts a little better.

Control, Precision and Negligible Hysteresis

Voice Coil Actuators can develop force in either direction by reversing polarity of excitation. A very important characteristic of voice coils is extremely low hysteresis; typically two orders of magnitude less than in proportional solenoids. This, along with the flat force exhibited by voice coil actuators, lend these devices to applications requiring precise control of force and/or position (such as control valves, or lens and mirror positioning systems).

The VM series of Voice Coil Motors are designed as actuator components with incorporated shafts and sliding bearings as standard, to ensure accurate guidance of the moving coil within the magnet assembly. Position sensors are not included.

Geeplus also designs and manufactures completely customized versions in a variety of sizes and even form factors (including short stroke, U-shape, ironless motors as well rotary voice coil versions). In most applications, the coil is the moving part. Our Voice Coil Actuators can also be shipped without shaft and bearing.

Ventilator machine and patient

Benefits of our Voice Coil Actuators:

Proportional Control: Variable position 1 to 100mm / up to 45°
High Speed:
 Vibration or marking
High Efficiency: Battery powered systems, backup systems, temperature sensitive media
Controllability: Linear or rotary movement with low noise or low shock at mechanical endstop
Low Hysteresis: Control systems with high repeatability

ModelForce Cont. / PeakStroke Overall / LinearCont. PowerWeight Overall / CoilDimensions d x hData Sheet3D Drawing
VM16140.8 / 25 / 4515 / 316 x 14pdf logo3D logo
VM24362.7 / 7.520 / ?12.595 / 924 x 36pdf logo3D logo
VM26183.6 / 108 / 41060 / 626 x 18pdf logo3D logo
VM28363.6 / 108 / 41060 / 628 x 36pdf logo3D logo
VM33225.0 / 146 / 48140 / 933 x 22pdf logo3D logo
VM33345.0 / 146 / 48140 / 933 x 34pdf logo3D logo
VM3850RB7.5 / 248 / 47.4225 / 1738 x 51pdf logo3D logo
VM403210 / 2712 / 912230 / 2540 x 31pdf logo3D logo
VM404010 / 2712 / 912230 / 2540 x 40pdf logo3D logo
VM504221 / 558 / 724480 / 3550 x 42pdf logo3D logo
VM505021 / 558 / 724480 / 3550 x 50pdf logo3D logo
VM634033 / 1008 / 24750 / 4063.1 x 38pdf logo3D logo
VM6340L32/11612 /28750/4363.1 x 38pdf logo
VM6360101/301824750/3263.1 x 60pdf logo
VM6360L104/291828750/4363.1 x 60pdf logo
VM654824 / 7820 / 1328950 / 9065 x 48pdf logo3D logo
VM75P248/19414421700/16075 x 72.5pdf logo
VM78P4pdf logo
VM805445 /14032 / 15501,700 / 15080 x 54pdf logo3D logo
VM808045 /14032 / 15501,700 / 15080 x 80pdf logo3D logo
VMXY80pdf logo
VM102P2200 / 70012 / 101054,200 / 325102 x 80pdf logo3D logo
VM108-2P30230 / 70040 / 301088,000 / 750108 x 125pdf logo

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