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Geeplus Pick and Hold Device Helps Users Save Money and Optimize Solenoids

Geeplus Pick and Hold Control CircuitBeckenham, United Kingdom – Not only does the new PHu-ANA module from Geeplus help the user to optimize solenoids (excitation conditions for a solenoid device), in situations where large numbers of solenoids are being tested, cost savings in terms of labour, equipment and energy can be achieved by fulfilling the functions of a PWM current regulator and oscilloscope.

By determining the required force and speed with minimum excitation power, and to see the response speed of the device, the module easy to use and only requires a simple USB connection to a PC to provide, fast, clear and accurate results.

When operated, the PHu-ANA adds to the capabilities of the basic PHu module by providing a clear, graphic display of the excitation current waveform, enabling the user to calculate precisely the excitation current conditions to achieve the required force or speed with minimum power consumption and heat dissipation.

Geeplus pick and hold control circuitThe PHu-ANA kit allows the user to define ‘pick current’, ‘pick time’, and ‘hold current’ parameters for the excitation of the device being evaluated. The display shows the spike where the solenoid armature hits the end stop (stroke time) followed by some bounce and settling. When setting up parameters, the solenoid can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ from the PC. The ‘Start-2s-Stop’ button energises the device for only 2s which provides a degree of protection to small devices which can overheat rapidly if energised with excessive current.

The test data shows the achieved current values, and the duty cycle of the PWM current control in the Pick and Hold conditions. It provides some limited diagnosis of problems such as inadequate current capacity of the power supply. When switched on for long periods, the screen also shows the duty cycle of PWM control, and the junction temperature of the power device in real time.

The ability to be able to test solenoids in this way enables the user to ascertain that they are using exactly the right device for their project which can make savings in terms of size, weight and money.

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.


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