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Geeplus has become one of the premier designers and suppliers of advanced electromagnetic and electromechanical actuators worldwide.

The Geeplus Story

Geeplus was founded in 2004 as a Management Buy Out (MBO) of the highly successful electromechanical (solenoids, voice coil actuators, stepper motors, etc.) division inside of Densitron Control Systems Ltd. The reason for this buyout was to allow Geeplus to focus solely on the advancement of the electromechanical business, which we knew had the potential to become one of the top companies in the field.

Because we were able to keep our outstanding staff and team of engineers intact from the Densitron division (before beginning to grow where we are today), Geeplus as a company boasts well over 20 years of experience in advanced electromechanical actuation.

About Us

Geeplus is a worldwide specialist in the design and manufacture of both standard and customized electromagnetic and electromechanical actuators.

These advanced actuation devices—including linear solenoids (i.e. push-pull solenoidstubular solenoids, open frame solenoidsproportional solenoids etc.), voice coil motors, rotary solenoids (i.e. 3-ball rotary solenoids, bi-stable rotary solenoidselectromagnetsstepper motors, brushless motors, vibrating actuators, and more—all control/stimulate movement in a wide range of real world applications.

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