Open Frame Solenoids

Open Frame Solenoids are the most cost-effective of the linear solenoids

2 Types of Geeplus Open Frame Solenoids

Open Frame Solenoids Geeplus

Open Frame Solenoids

Like other linear solenoids, open frame solenoids are on/off type actuators that develop force in one direction when energized. The return force must be provided externally, e.g. by a return spring.

They are used in many versions in a myriad of applications; this can cause issues with some manufacturers regarding quantities, delivery time, quality and, last but not least, price. That’s why Geeplus works directly with three distinct production lines, all in different locations and with differing manufacturing equipment. 

Standard open frame solenoids are pull type solenoids, but push type versions can be custom made. We also offer latching solenoids, where one position is held by a permanent magnet with no electrical power applied.

NOTE: Because each application is different, requiring varying levels of resistance, a spring is not included with these parts. Our engineers recommend a simple spring kit to choose the correct spring for each application. We can include them in volume if we have the specifications.

Open Frame SolenoidBasic Characteristics of Open Frame Solenoids:

Holding force up to 30N (in end position, energized)
Stroke up to 15mm (depending on type)
Life expectancy up to 5 million cycles
Miniature versions available: standard versions from 8 x 10 x 15mm
Many mechanical options
Rapid delivery service for RD series (4 weeks)

Learn the differences between the RD and SK Series of Open Frame Solenoids
Learn about the customization options for Open Frame Solenoids

Geeplus Open Frame Solenoid part number chart

ModelStrokeHolding Force (N)Dimensions (mm)Weight (g)Data Sheet
mm10% ED*100% ED*L x H x DOverallPlunger.PDF
RD-A42042.50.5 21.4 x 10.8 x 9.8122pdf logo
RD-B42572.50.925 x 12 x 10163pdf logo
RD-A52065.01.220 x 15 x 13203pdf logo
RD-U61763.50.717 x 18 x 19254pdf logo
RD-A622124.51.021.5 x 18 x 14265pdf logo
RD-S622144.50.521.5 x 18 x 14266pdf logo
RD-A625144.51.325 x 20 x 16395pdf logo
RD-A628144.91.528 x 20 x 16436pdf logo
RD-B63078.02.031 x 15 x 13296pdf logo
RD-U630164.21.830 x 20 x 15426pdf logo
RD-U640163.71.140 x 20 x 15448pdf logo
RD-A730126.01.430 x 16 x 14329pdf logo
RD-A732169.93.132 x 21 x 16.5539pdf logo
RD-A8401613.55.036.8 x 26 x 208312pdf logo
RD-B840169.03.040.8 x 19 x 14.55814pdf logo
RD-A9401616.05.136.8 x 26 x 208516pdf logo
RD-B9451414.06.046.5 x 23 x 199820pdf logo
RD-A10401618.27.140 x 29 x 2412922pdf logo
RD-A10531622.010.153 x 30 x 2719429pdf logo
RD-A12501631.015.050 x 40 x 3631938pdf logo
RD-A12641628.014.064 x 38 x 3033749pdf logo
SK-A031521.90.415 x 11 x 851pdf logo
SK-F042062.20.320 x 11 x 7.582pdf logo
SK-A052066.92.021 x 17.8 x 14224pdf logo
SK-A0626611.0 4.826.8 x 20 x 16437pdf logo
SK-C064069.14.140 x 20 x 13.5489pdf logo
SK-A0730614.25.130.3 x 20 x 16488pdf logo
SK-A0832620.19.933 x 26 x 228214pdf logo
SK-W0836623.010.037 x 26 2010014pdf logo
SK-A0946622.010.146.5 x 23 x 199620pdf logo
SK-A1040631.013.040 x 29 x 2412623pdf logo
SK-W1250654.028.550 x 40 x 3636240pdf logo

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