Bistable Rotary Solenoids

Bistable Rotary Solenoids can be driven to rotate in either direction and hold in either end position with no power applied. Only a short power pulse is required to stimulate movement.

Bistable Rotary Solenoid Technical Overview

Bistable rotary solenoids by GeeplusBistable Rotary Solenoids

Bistable Rotary Solenoids are especially well suited to paper transportation and sorting systems: for example, ATM machines and other banknote sorting mechanisms. These versatile rotary solenoids can be driven in either direction and hold in either end position with no current applied.

Bistable Rotary Solenoids offer a torque of up to 0.4Nm as well as an angle of up to +/-55°. Ball bearings ensure a high life expectancy while eliminating axial movement.

Bistable rotary solenoid fast response time

Characteristics of Bistable Rotary Solenoids:

• Rotary angle up to +/-55° around center position
Torque up to 0.4Nm
High life expectancy due to ball bearings
No axial travel
Fast response: Cycle times <5ms possible
No integral mechanical endstops (must be supplied either in the customer mechanics or as a custom option)
Options: Viscous damping with ferro-fluids: smooth operation, soft mechanical endstop, less noise

3 Position Actuation, Bistable Rotary Solenoid

Unique Mini Bistable Rotary Solenoid BRS1212

ModelMax. TorqueOptimal op.
Cont. powerWeightRotor
B x H x L
ØD x L
mNm° (max.)Wggcm²mm.PDF.IGS
BRS07100.6+/-300.941.50.0015Ø7 x 10.2pdf logo3D logo
BRS10201.2+/-301.980.017Ø10 x 20pdf logo3D logo
BRS12121.2+/-Ø12 x 11pdf logo3D logo
RM301-4P19+/-154622.1 30 x 30 x 20pdf logo
BRS4032G-10200+/-3051556.5Ø40 x 32pdf logo3D logo
BRS4232-6-10480+/-1051503642 x 42 x 32pdf logo
BRS50C39-6350+/-45260Ø50 x 39pdf logo3D logo
BRS50C44-6350+/-45310Ø50 x 44pdf logo3D logo
BRS6045G-6810+/-45450pdf logo
BRS6045G-90-6680+/-45450Ø60 x 45pdf logo

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