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New Design in Innovative Super Stroke creates QUIET Solenoid

Super Stroke Solenoid from Geeplus Reduced noiseBeckenham, United Kingdom – In addition to doubling the useful stroke of a standard solenoid, Geeplus have now developed a Super Stroke Solenoid suitable for applications where a quiet solenoid is necessary. There are certain situations, such as those encountered when opening and closing doors, where automatic locking devices need to be silent. In some countries, the noise made when performing seemingly simple tasks, has become a regulatory requirement.

To achieve this, Geeplus has re-engineered the spline and the stops in their Super Stroke quiet solenoid to achieve the desired effect by a significant margin, reducing noise by up to 25%.

Available in both noise reduction and standard designs, the solenoid itself is the result of a special implementation of their tubular solenoid design. Geeplus has modified the geometry of the pole‐piece and magnetic return path to produce a device which develops useful force over an exceptionally long stroke with a flat force characteristic and having many of the characteristics of a proportional solenoid allowing approximate position control over a large linear stroke.

Super Stroke Solenoid by GeeplusBy using many of the components of the tubular solenoid range the quiet super stroke solenoid becomes a cost‐effective solution compared to other long‐stroke actuators or proportional solenoid designs.

A good replacement for small air cylinders in applications where a few linear actuators are needed, but where air supply is otherwise not required, machinery can be made independent of air supply with elimination of compressors, airline, and air preparation equipment and their associated maintenance.

By allowing approximate proportional control over a long linear stroke, the force in this quiet solenoid is approximately proportional to applied current, and is uniform over the operating stroke. This characteristic can be used to control tension of wire, fibers, or web material, or can be applied against a spring to realise an actuation system where position can be controlled proportional to the applied current.

Available in four sizes with 32 and 38mm diameters, the long stroke version delivers 3N at 20mm compared with 5N at 10 -12mm from a standard solenoid. The larger long stroke models deliver 5N at 32mm.

Built to maintain operational reliability over many millions of cycles, the super stroke solenoid is undergoing further development to provide larger and custom designed devices.

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.


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