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Geeplus Responds to Customer Requests for Circular Movement Actuator

Vibro2 Haptic Actuator from GeeplusBeckenham, United Kingdom – Following the successful launch of their VIBRO 1 linear actuator at Compamed, Geeplus have responded to customer interest for an actuator which provides a circular movement with the VIBRO 2.

By combining a pair of their HAP56 haptic linear actuators operating on an XY axis which delivers the required motion, The VIBRO 2 offers very fine control on a small scale XY axis and is driven with a ramped wave form whereby the pressure increases movement. The use of flexures makes all movements very repeatable and because the HAP56 is actuated by the application of energy to rare earth magnets, unlike the more commonly used motorised assemblies, ithas no sliding parts so is not subject to wear or mechanical faults and is also a viable alternative to air driven devices.

When energized , the individual actuators will develop a high force over displacement of 3-4mm for excitation power of only a few watts. Similarly, the lower the frequency applied, the smaller the vibratory movement. Geeplus have added a soft grip to the device, making it suitable for handling glass or other fragile and brittle containers.

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.


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