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Medica 2023: New Geeplus Products and New Catalogue on Display at Stand 11E10

Geeplus at Medica 2023Düsseldorf, Germany – Geeplus world-class actuation devices (most commonly voice coil actuators and proportional solenoids) can be found in daily use in advanced medical equipment throughout the world. Between November 13-16 in Dusseldorf, most of these will be on display at Medica 2023 at Stand 11E10.

Of particular interest will be the Geeplus range of voice coil motors, which supply exceptionally precise positioning combined with remarkably smooth movement, along with a very low level of hysteresis (an important factor in controlling motion in many advanced medical applications).

On display for the first time will be two new lead screw stepping motors. First is the PM20, which is perfectly suited to applications requiring accurate pumping mechanisms such as those used in dosing or analysis. Next is the DSM28, which is able to achieve a pitch as small as 0.5 microns, making it ideal for applications requiring high levels of accuracy over extremely small distances. This would include applications such as syringe pumps or optical equipment requiring small, but precise activation.

In addition, Geeplus will be showing their Test Rig in action! This new desktop Test Rig is designed to provide valuable information on a wide range of electromechanical products with the simple click of a button. This innovative apparatus supplies the user with the most reliable and precise information available, saving both time and money in both production and pre-production environments.

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