Brushless DC Motors

Although physically compatible with a stepping motor of the same size, the Geeplus line of brushless DC motors provides higher speed and greater reliability.

Perfect Stepper Motor Replacements

Brushless DC Motors

Geeplus Brushless DC MotorWith high starting torque and faster acceleration / deceleration, the motor produces less heat and less noise by eliminating ionizing spikes from brushes. This makes the brushless motor suitable for use in a number of sensitive applications, including medical equipment.

Additional application examples include hospital beds (less noise than a stepper motor), door release bars, centrifuge drives, linear and servo motors, actuators for industrial robots, feeder drives and a whole lot more.

Our brushless motors are currently available in eight standard sizes, but other versions can be manufactured to specification.

Customization Options for BLDC MotorsGeepluis Brushless DC Motor

Custom Flange Once tooling is complete for modifications of this kind, the impact on unit cost is small.
Shaft Modification
 Flats, keyways, splines, leadscrew form, pinion and rear shaft extension are common modifications. 

 Encoders Can be added to provide position feedback, and can provide relative or absolute position information.
 Lead-wire Modification Longer or shorter lead-wires, cable (with outer sheath), or addition of connectors are common modifications. Different lead-wire material is possible to conform to standards in different countries/applications. 
 Insulation System Higher temperature class (may also require magnet and bearing changes), or higher isolation class are usually straightforward. Impregnation or over-moulding of motor windings can improve heat transfer from coil windings to stator, enhance isolation, and improve resistance to vibration, and to hostile environments/corrosion. 
 Bearing Changes Bearings can be changed to withstand higher radial or axial loading, to accommodate a custom shaft, to use corrosion resistant material, to withstand higher or lower temperatures, or to incorporate sealing.
 Winding Change Motor windings can be changed to modify the motor speed and torque characteristics, and / or to optimize for best compatibility with a chosen drive.
 Temperature Range Metal parts of the motor will normally withstand a fairly wide temperature range. Insulation materials, magnets, bearings, and lubricating grease or oil may need to be changed to withstand wide temperature variations.

ModelVoltageNo-Load SpeedRated SpeedRated TorqueRated CurrentRated PowerMassData Sheet
BLDC4231245000 ±10%4000 ±10%0.02<1100.25pdf logo
BLDC4241245000 ±10%4000 ±10%0.063<2250.3pdf logo
BLDC4261245000 ±10%4000 ±10%0.1253.5500.5pdf logo
BLDC42101245000 ±10%4000 ±10%0.25<71000.9pdf logo
BLDC5775244900 ±10%4000 ±10%0.225.2900.9pdf logo
BLDC5795245200 ±10%4000 ±10%0.327.4130pdf logo
BLDC57115245350 ±10%4000 ±10%0.429.7170pdf logo
BLDC6070365100 ±10%4000 ±10%0.35800.9pdf logo

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