Tubular Solenoids

Tubular solenoids are designed to provide a longer stroke due to their tubular shape and plunger geometry. 

How Does a Tubular Solenoid Work?

Tubular solenoids by GeeplusTubular Solenoids

Tubular solenoids are especially optimized for long strokes. Tubular solenoids, like other linear solenoids, are on/off type actuators that develop force in one direction when energized. The return force must be provided externally, via a return spring for instance. 

Notable Characteristics of our Tubular Solenoids:

Stroke up to 30mm (depending on type)
 Optimized for long strokes
 Holding force up to 80N (in end-position, energized)
 High life expectancy: Up to 30 million+ cycles
 Pull and Push tubular versions available
 Custom solenoids available, including latching versions (permanent magnet)

NOTE: Because each application is different, requiring varying levels of resistance, a spring is not included with these parts. Our engineers recommend a simple spring kit to choose the correct spring for each application. We can include them in volume if we have the specifications.

Watch How a Tubular Solenoid Works

Geeplus Tubular Solenoid part number chart

ModelStroke (mm)Holding Force (N)Dimensions (mm)Weight (g)Data SheetDrawing 3D
10% ED*100% ED*D x HOverallPlunger Pull/Push.PDF.igs
133-L350.913 x 12154pdf logo3D logo
133-H350.913 x 12152pdf logo3D logo
130-L127313 x 27245pdf logo3D logo
130-H127313 x 27244pdf logo3D logo
170-L1273.517 x 27155pdf logo3D logo
170-H1273.517 x 27154pdf logo3D logo
190-L1318819 x 408220pdf logo3D logo
190-H1318819 x 408216pdf logo3D logo
253-L12351525 x 3012532pdf logo3D logo
253-H12351525 x 3012519pdf logo3D logo
250-L14382225 x 5118844pdf logo3D logo
250-H14382225 x 5118835pdf logo3D logo
320-L18703532 x 5829954pdf logo3D logo
320-H18703532 x 5829953pdf logo3D logo
380-L30805538 x 6449795pdf logo3D logo

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