Tubular Solenoids

Tubular solenoids provide a fairly flat force stroke due to their tubular shape and plunger geometry. 

How to Select a Linear Actuator

Tubular solenoids by GeeplusTubular Solenoids

Tubular solenoids, like other linear solenoids, are on/off type actuators that develop force in one direction when energized. The return force must be provided externally, via a return spring for instance. Tubular solenoids are especially optimized for long strokes.

Notable Characteristics of our Tubular Solenoids:

Stroke up to 30mm (depending on type)
 Optimized for long strokes
 Holding force up to 80N (in end-position, energized)
 High life expectancy: Up to 30 million+ cycles
 Pull and Push tubular versions available
 Custom solenoids available, including latching versions (permanent magnet)

Geeplus Tubular Solenoid part number chart

ModelMoving ImageStroke (mm)Holding Force (N)Dimensions (mm)Weight (g)Data SheetDrawing 3D
10% ED*100% ED*D x HOverallPlunger Pull/Push.PDF.igs
133-LTubular-Solenoid-133 GIF350.913 x 12154pdf logo3D logo
133-HTubular-Solenoid-133 GIF350.913 x 12152pdf logo3D logo
130-LTubular-Solenoid-130 GIF127313 x 27245pdf logo3D logo
130-HTubular-Solenoid-130 GIF127313 x 27244pdf logo3D logo
170-LTubular-Solenoid-170 moving GIF1273.517 x 27155pdf logo3D logo
170-HTubular-Solenoid-170 moving GIF1273.517 x 27154pdf logo3D logo
190-LTubular-Solenoid-190 GIF1318819 x 408220pdf logo3D logo
190-HTubular-Solenoid-190 GIF1318819 x 408216pdf logo3D logo
253-LTubular-Solenoid-253 GIF12351525 x 3012532pdf logo3D logo
253-HTubular-Solenoid-253 GIF12351525 x 3012519pdf logo3D logo
250-LTubular-Solenoid-250 moving GIF14382225 x 5118844pdf logo3D logo
250-HTubular-Solenoid-250 moving GIF14382225 x 5118835pdf logo3D logo
320-LTubular-Solenoid-320 Moving GIF18703532 x 5829954pdf logo3D logo
320-HTubular-Solenoid-320 Moving GIF18703532 x 5829953pdf logo3D logo
380-LTubular-Solenoid-M380 Moving GIF30805538 x 6449795pdf logo3D logo

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