High Precision Linear Voice Coil Motors Become Crucial in Fight Against Covid

Demand for Moving Coil Motors has Quadrupled

Geeplus Voice Coil Motors in VentilatorsBeckenham, UK/South Carolina, USA – As a number of new vaccines are distributed throughout the world to vulnerable and essential members of the population, the demand for high-precision voice coil actuators has hardly slowed down. Geeplus’ expanded production personnel have continued to work around the clock to support the world’s top ventilator manufacturers with these advanced actuation devices — most notably, the VM38 voice coil motor

The VM38 is an extremely advanced, precise and highly controllable voice coil actuator, that has aided Geeplus in becoming the world’s leading supplier of actuators in medical ventilator applications (VIDEO).

The VM series of Voice Coils Motors from Geeplus addresses applications where excellent control for short stroke, bidirectional linear actuation is required–in medical or optical equipment, for example.

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Benefits of High-Precision Voice Coil Motors:

Voice Coil Motors are highly controllable electrical actuators that exhibit extremely low hysteresis, suitable for applications needing only limited displacement.Voice Coils can develop force in either direction by reversing polarity of excitation. They offer the following features and benefits:

Voice Coil magnet assembly from Geeplus

 Fast operation – Low electrical inductance, and low moving mass enable fast inflow of current and high acceleration. Acceleration of >500G is possible with custom devices
 Controllability – Force is proportional to applied current, and is uniform through a displacement that can be several 10’s of mm or several 10’s of degrees rotation
 Low hysteresis – The magnetic behaviour is free of hysteresis over typical operating areas, depending on the type of bearings used, very low hysteresis can be realised
• Reliability – side forces developed are negligible, so bearing loading can be very low to enable long life operation
 Simplicity – the voice coil motor is a single pole device requiring no commutation. Both the device itself, and the associated controller can be very simple and robust
 Flexible Configuration – the principle of operation lends itself to many different mechanical layouts allowing great flexibility in design of associated systems
 Flexible Production – Most product configurations can be produced without requiring tooling for prototypes, or for limited production volumes – product design needs to allow for manufacturing methods appropriate to customer volume requirements

Geeplus is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical actuators. You can find Geeplus online at, as well as on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


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