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Pick and Hold Control Circuit Application Areas

Pick and Hold Control Circuit Application Areas

Here are four typical application areas where Geeplus pick and hold circuits offer real benefits.

Train doors as a distributed system, which benefits from a pick and hold unit

Distributed Systems
Locking systems for railway carriage doors would be a good example of a distributed system, the actuators are distributed through the length of a train, with large voltage fluctuations possible and big variation in ambient temperature conditions.

The Pick and Hold circuit stabilises performance due to these fluctuations, and reduces power consumption and heat dissipation. Other examples could be mail sorting, fruit sorting, or car stacking parking systems.

Money sorting machine uses Pick and hold circuit

Fast Actuation
Cash sorting equipment requires very fast actuation and frequent cycling. A high current is applied to achieve high force and rapid acceleration and current is then reduced to avoid excessive heat dissipation.

Geeplus pick and hold control circuitReduce Heat Dissipation
Pinch valves are used to control flow of blood in dialysis equipment, or chemical reagents. High force is needed to clamp shut the tubing in these devices. Because blood products and chemicals are very sensitive to heat, pick and hold drive helps maximise the force obtainable with minimal heat generation.

Development Tool
The extreme ease of use of Geeplus PHu module makes it invaluable as a development tool, it allows device excitation conditions to be easily adjusted without hardware changes to establish suitability of a solenoid, and determine optimum driving conditions.

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