Geeplus is in need of urgent support in order to continue to supply crucial parts in medical ventilator machines around the world 


We Need HELP to Continue Production of Urgent Parts Needed to Treat Coronovirus Patients

Help Geeplus Fight Coronavirus
In what has become an urgent situation due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, the demand for crucial Geeplus actuators used in high-end medical ventilator machines has increased to the point where we can no longer meet demand without immediate assistance. This will vastly slow down production of these ventilation machines that are so urgently needed at this time to support and sustain life. (How YOU can help)


Geeplus Europe supplies actuator devices to a number of medical ventilator manufacturers worldwide. These companies are now striving to increase production to support the most affected areas where COVID-19 has taken hold. You can learn more here.

The devices supplied by Geeplus are proportional and on-off actuators used to control the flow and pressure of breathing gases (air and oxygen) in Intensive Care Ventilators.

Geeplus fighting CoronavirusWorld’s Leading Supplier of Actuators in Medical Ventilators

In the past 15 years, Geeplus has supplied more than 700,000 such devices to manufacturers of advanced ICU ventilators, including Maquet (Getinge), Hamilton, Mindray, Loewenstein (Salvia), Spacelabs (Blease), Northern Meditec, Dixtal and others. Learn more about Geeplus actuators in Medical Devices.

At the present time, we have projected demand in 2020 for more than 150,000 devices for ICU ventilator application. Our personnel is currently working overtime, and throughout the night to maximise the use of resources, and our suppliers around the world have been increasing production of component parts and materials needed for us to continue production.

Urgent Help Needed


We have letters requesting urgent support from customers as well as overseas governments. With closures and restrictions on schools and transportation, we will not be able to continue operating at this rate.

For the past week, we have been trying to elicit the support of government to provide necessary support to ensure our workforce and their families are healthy and able to travel and continue their important work.

How YOU Can Help!

There are a few different ways to help us get on track and get these much needed parts out the door ASAP. If you can help directly, or have contacts in your social circles that can be of assistance, please let us know in the form below!

  1. Geeplus against CoronavirusQualified Production Staff: If you or anyone you know has experience in electromechanical, electromagnetic or electronic manufacturing and production, we want to hear from you right away.
  2. Quarantine and Testing: Geeplus currently has critical production staff under quarantine, and we need them back to work. We can’t do this without getting these workers tested as soon as possible. We’re looking for anybody with contacts in this field to get this testing done ASAP.
  3. Child Care Assistance:  Like most companies, we have critical production staff that are struggling to work their shifts because they are needed at home to care for children that are out of school indefinitely. Ideas and contacts that can help in this area are very welcome at this time.

We are asking you to PLEASE forward this to anyone who may be able to help.

HELP Geeplus Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Julian Chapman
Managing Director
Geeplus Europe Ltd
21st March 2020

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