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Geeplus Upgrades Powerful, Fast Acting VM102 Voice Coil Motor

VM102P2 Powerful Voice Coil Motor with Flex TerminationBeckenham, UKGeeplus has redesigned the powerful and fast-acting VM102 voice coil motor using a highly optimized magnet assembly and a new, more flexible termination.

Already known for its ability to produce exceptional force/mass ratio for high acceleration in dynamic applications, the new VM102 voice coil motor now benefits from a radial magnet assembly, making it even more competitive with conventional devices of comparable force performance.

The 2-pole voice coil motor develops higher force and acceleration with shorter displacement. The Geeplus-designed and manufactured coil can be modified to provide an even longer stroke and higher force if required.

Ideally suited to highly dynamic applications where a load is required to accelerate very quickly, the VM102 provides greater force from a given coil assembly than that developed in a pot of traditional ‘sandwich’ construction with the same excitation power. This means that with an unchanged coil mass, a 30-50% higher acceleration can be achieved.

In a nutshell, this is an extremely fast-acting, powerful voice coil motor that now benefits from the incorporation of radial magnets and is also now available with a flexible termination.

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