Push Pull Solenoids

Push-pull solenoids are the most robust type of linear solenoids, providing a high holding force at a comparably low power input.

Push Pull solenoids by GeeplusPush/Pull Solenoids

Geeplus’ push-pull solenoids incorporate an intelligent magnetic concept that allows a very high holding force at a comparably low power input. This makes them ideally suited for heavy duty applications, and those demanding low power consumption or low heat dissipation.

Our Push-Pull solenoids are separated into two product groups: “Push-Pull” and “Small Push-Pull” solenoids; the difference between the two versions comes down to the size and the mounting. Small push-pull solenoids have threaded holes in the base plate, while push-pull solenoids have mounting studs.

Like other linear solenoids, push-pull solenoids are on/off type actuators that develop force in one direction when energized. The return force must be provided externally, by a return spring for example.

Geeplus Part 21 approval certificate

Properties of Push-Pull Solenoids:

Holding force up to 2000N

Stroke up to 30mm (depending on model)

High life expectancy: Up to 50 million cycles+

Fast response time: Switching times <5ms possible (depending on size and load)

Standard versions from 11mm to 87mm (diameter)

ModelImageStroke Holding Force (N)Size (mm)Weight (g)Data Sheet3D Drawing 
mm10% ED*100% ED*D x HTotalPlunger.PDF.IGS
191CPush-Pull-Solenoid-1914181019 x 13224pdf logo
191FPush-Pull-Solenoid-1913401719 x 13224pdf logo
250Cpush-pull-solenoid-250 movement5311625 x 164711pdf logo
250Fpush-pull-solenoid-250 movement3622225 x 16479pdf logo
301CPush-Pull-Solenoid-301 actuation6603030 x 155616pdf logo
301FPush-Pull-Solenoid-301 actuation31406030 x 155614pdf logo
341CPush-Pull-Solenoid-341 moving .GIF6804034 x 189723pdf logo
341FPush-Pull-Solenoid-341 moving .GIF320012034 x 189716pdf logo
401CPush-Pull-solenoid-401 movement61106041 x 2220060pdf logo
401FPush-Pull-solenoid-401 movement330019041 x 2220040pdf logo
490FPush-Pull-Solenoid-490 actuation349030049 x 2325056pdf logo
491CPush-Pull-Solenoid-491 moving GIF619010049 x 2826556pdf logo
491FPush-Pull-Solenoid-491 moving GIF349032049 x 2826560pdf logo
590C1231020059 x 30506120pdf logo
590F675050059 x 3050695pdf logo
591CPush-Pull-Solenoid-591 .GIF1232020059 x 36620145pdf logo
591FPush-Pull-Solenoid-591 .GIF678055059 x 36620140pdf logo
700CPush-Pull-Solenoid-700 .GIF1250030070 x 381,013268pdf logo
700FPush-Pull-Solenoid-700 .GIF101,00065070 x 381,013285pdf logo
870CPush-Pull-Solenoid-870 .GIF1485050087 x 471,885495pdf logo
870FPush-Pull-Solenoid-870 .GIF102,0001,20087 x 471,885480pdf logo
874CPush-Pull-Solenoid-874 .GIF3095065087 x 823,000500pdf logo
874FPush-Pull-Solenoid-874 .GIF142,0001,40087 x 823,000535pdf logo

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